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Our Services

Service is in our DNA, and we believe that it’s our responsibility to offer you the same level of support that our solutions provide for your customers. With a dedicated team, we can help with everything from initial implementation to ongoing advice and support—giving you first-hand knowledge of a great customer experience.

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Professional Services

With deep knowledge of the different tools and expertise in frontline service management, our consultants can customize and configure your solutions to solve your biggest business challenges.

Content Creation
Development of auxiliary online computer-based
training (SCORM |compliant courseware)

Custom Reports
Development of proprietary reports

Provider Integration
Planning, support, configuration and testing the integration
of new technology, such as Back Office

Provider Creation
Integration of Intradiem with third-party systems, such
as ACD, WFM and Analytics

Service Delivery
Help launch new customers on the platform, with a
focus on technology implementation and creating
business value

Solution Implementation
Design and facilitation of onsite workshops for business opportunity planning, business analysis and solution implementation

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briefcase of professional services

Managed Services

Different than consultants, Managed Services offers quick access to remote or on-site people and resources that can provide immediate answers and assistance.

Client Engagement
A dedicated resource to drive user adoption and correct usage as well as monitoring and quantifying agent success

Intradiem Management
Administrative assistance with ongoing platform management as well as monitoring key integrations and optimizing communication between our platform and other systems

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Flexible Training

We offer a variety of training options to educate your team, help them maximize Intraday Automation and stay up-to-date on new information, products and services.

Customer Training
A wide-range of mediums including: virtual instructor-led, self-study eLearning, on-demand tutorials, Spark Online Community, Webhelp resources and Customer Sandbox

Supplemental Training (fee based)
You can choose what’s right for you: in-person public
and private classes, virtual Q&A style sessions
or custom eLearning courses

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briefcase of professional services

Customer Support

We provide readily available functional and technical support through our live CustomerSupport Team and online Self-Service Portal.

Phone Support
Representatives are available Monday-Friday, 8 am to 8 pm ET (US) and 8 am to 5 pm in the UK to answer questions and quickly resolve problems

Online Support
Our online portal is available 24/7 where you can make
an inquiry, view and track the status of your
request, communicate with a representative and
update your inquiry

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