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Yesterday’s contact centers are bound by data overload, and manual monitoring and reactions. It's terribly inefficient, and it’s bad for customers and for your business. It’s time for a change.

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Intraday Automation collects real-time data from your existing systems and instantly triggers workforce adjustments based on rules that you create, dramatically improving service delivery at a lower cost. Time and change delivered.
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Real-time Workforce Puts on a Winning Show

Automating intraday activities such as agent training and communications helps Harte Hanks maximize service levels and keep clients – and their customers – satisfied.

When one of Harte Hanks clients, a large entertainment provider, approached the marketing service firm to support a pivotal new endeavor, Harte Hanks leveraged Intraday Automation to prepare a substantial contact center workforce for immediate action – far exceeding customer expectations and doing so in record time.

Harte Hanks knew that better and more efficient agent training was a necessity, and had identified agent available time but didn't know exactly to put it to use. By automatically monitoring ACD and WFM systems, Intraday Automation prompts agent activity, like product and soft-skills training, crucial communications, and in-event updates, to optimize Harte Hanks’ contact center staff for substantial volume – up to 240,000 calls per hour – during periods requiring very high service levels. 

As a result, Harte Hanks was able to perform at peak levels while protecting profitability and customer experience.

  • Ramped up training to 7,000 agents to manage simultaneous response to global events
  • Exceeded customer performance expectations (SLA) by 430%
  • Increase occupancy by 8%
  • Reduced forecasted average handle time (AHT) by 20%
  • Reduced forecasted average wait time by 10%

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