Keep Your Frontline Team on Track

Think you can't automate your store- or branch-level customer service? Think again. Get a leg-up on your competitors with a smarter approach to frontline workforce optimization. Our Intraday Automation solutions give you the power to respond in real-time to changing business conditions, so you can be more productive, more efficient and always ready to serve your customers.

The same level of in-store responsiveness as your customer service centers

Manually assigning tasks to frontline employees based on availability can cause discrepancies in the store or branch being ready for customers. When corporate schedules compliance audits without taking foot traffic into consideration, you might have staffing issues.

Companies are always looking for new ways to improve customer experience as well as productivity, but it's difficult if not impossible without an integrated interface that links with disparate store/branch and corporate systems and is able to measure store effectiveness and productivity.

Automated Tracking and Delivery of Tasks and Communication

Intraday Automation makes it possible to track store- or branch-level tasks and deliver assignments based on priority and service levels, all during periods of low traffic when customer experience won't be negatively impacted. Using a powerful integrated business rules engine, Intraday Automation trigger actions based on information from disparate systems, providing a single interface that's accessible by all levels of organization.

The result is an increase in productivity and efficiency, along with better employee engagement, because your associates are empowered with "actionable responsiveness." And, they are more prepared to serve your customers.

Our Solutions

Know Exactly When You Have Time

Retailers and banks often overstaff to create time for training or ancillary work, but if customer demand is low, you're wasting money. Other times, much of the employee’s day is spent idle.

Task Management optimizes your labor costs, improving store/branch productivity by delivering aggregated tasks based on priority. Customer experience and brand compliance are enhanced by balancing store execution tasks during low customer traffic, and you have more tools to measure store effectiveness.

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Responsive Alerts

Even the most well-run retail store or bank branch will experience unexpected events that interrupt the normal flow of business operations.  

Alerts & Notifications enables you to integrate siloed technologies and push alerts at both the store/branch and corporate management. Real-time monitoring identifies trends and issues that could impact service delivery, performance metrics and adherence before they escalate, then send alerts and notifications to business leaders to prompt immediate action. 

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Operationalize Your Frontline to Meet the Needs of Retail Consumers

See how intraday automation can help retail customer service contact centers and in-store operations manage spikes in volume, train employees, update scheduling and staffing levels, and balance interaction channels to improve customer experience and maximize operational efficiency.

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"With Intradiem's real-time capabilities, we understand where and how our frontline staff’s time is spent and how to prioritize tasks assignments."

See how Intraday Automation can transform your frontline workforce.