Extend Real-Time Service to the Field

Ensure your field crew is always up to the task, even in dynamic and unpredictable environments. With Intraday Automation, you can supply them with the training, information and support needed to win customers over.

Deliver field services with customer satisfaction and cost-savings benefits

No customer wants to endure the dreaded "four- to six-hour service window" waiting on a field service technician, and it's worse yet if the field tech doesn't have everything they need to handle the job. And what happens when service schedules change in the middle of the day? You can't afford to have your field services organization left sitting around idle.

Shrink Service Windows and Empower Your Field

Intraday Automation makes it possible for companies to respond to customer data and communications in real-time, notifying field teams about changes to schedules or scope of work and alerting them to critical customer and product information. When there's downtime, like when a service call is completed ahead of schedule, Intraday Automation monitors the job status and can push short-session training, priority messages or administrative assignments to the field tech to help them prepare for the next service call.

With Intraday Automation, your services team operates like well-oiled machine, and your field reps find more satisfaction in their ability to provide quality service. More importantly, your customers aren't left waiting for service that may or may not get the job done, so you don't stand as much risk of losing them.

Our Solutions

Task Management for Field Services

It's difficult to understand each individual’s improvement opportunities and develop a custom-tailored develop plan to find time to train field employees and track assignment completion. As a result, employees feel unprepared and unsupported, and employee performance and customer experience are compromised.

Using real-time GPS and WFM data, Task Management can prompt field techs to complete training and other task assignments on mobile devices. By collecting information on employee performance, Task Management can automatically deliver performance-based assignments, and business rules determine when and where activity sessions are prompted. As a result, employee performance improves and customer expectations are exceeded.

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Improve Customer Experience On-the-Go: Intraday Automation for Field Services

No industry is immune to having the occasional failed customer experience as a result of an unprepared field service workforce. Learn how preparedness and efficiency enable field service organizations to deliver a better customer experience.

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