The Frontline of the Customer Experience

Your frontline workforce interacts with customers all day, every day. This means that they have the greatest impact on the customer experience and your company’s overall reputation. No matter what industry, an informed and efficient workforce is the best way to meet demand and take better care of your customers.

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Intraday management is hard. Really hard. But the good news is it doesn’t have to be. 

Right now, your intraday team relies on a multitude of reports from your workforce management system and supervisor input to meet service levels. Meanwhile, customer and employee expectations are greater than ever. Relying on manual processes, you simply can’t keep up.

By automating manual activities like training, coaching, VTO, adherence and employee schedule change requests with a complete Intraday Automation solution, you can get ahead of the demands of the day.

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Back-office operations have the potential to make or break the customer experience, yet most business still work in the confines of workforce silos, manual processes, and information obscurity. There is certainly a better way. 

Inefficiencies don’t stand a chance against Intraday Automation. Now, you can integrate your back office to the rest of your frontline and gain transparency into employee workflows. These improvements add up to better processes, better employees and ultimately, better customer experiences.

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Executing an effective omni-channel experience requires engaged and well informed employees. Without consistent employee development, protocol and promotion communication, and a host of other coordinated tasks, the customer experience falls apart in an instant.

Most retail operations still rely on email to disseminate information to store managers and employees, resulting in under-trained staff and inconsistent execution.

With Intraday Automation you can create an engaged, real-time frontline and store operation that’s ready to deliver outstanding and consistent customer experience at a time when they are seeking more from retailers.

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Most field services operations still rely on email to disseminate information to employees scattered across geographies and markets. With outdated communication channels comes underwhelming results. 

With Intraday Automation you can create an engaged, real-time field services operation that is up to the second on compliance and technical proficiency. Consistency, safety, and competence will create a major uptick in customer satisfaction.

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