Intraday Automation: A New Level of Discovery for Workforce Management

Learn how Intraday Automation reduces the inherent complexity in most contact centers and brings agility to intraday activities and processes, in turn improving customer experience and reducing costs.

A new process and technology solution, Intraday Automation turns your contact center into a strategic frontline workforce by ensuring that it is always prepared, always productive and never caught off-guard.

Contact centers are faced with a mounting set of challenges that make it very difficult, if not impossible to meet increasingly lofty business goals:

  • ‍Increasing complexity – more channels and tools, customer expectations, agent engagement
  • ‍Manual, reactive operations
  • ‍Edict to improve the customer experience while holding costs constant

Contact centers must innovate to overcome these challenges or risk losing profits to forward-thinking competitors who do.

Why Intraday Automation

It’s the only way to solve the challenges contact centers face and improve the customer experience and reduce costs. Intraday Automation enables contact centers to unify siloed tools and operations and use the data to trigger real-time workforce adjustments throughout the day.

With Intraday Automation, frontline workforces respond in real-time to optimization opportunities such as periods of lower or higher call volume, imbalance across interaction channels, overstaffing, understaffing, and individual adherence issues. 

A more agile frontline workforce is better able to adjust throughout the day to deliver a dramatically better and more consistent customer experience, at lower cost.