Top 5 Financial Services Provider

Reduces Training Delivery Time By 46%, Increases Agent Satisfaction While Saving $19M Annually.

This Financial Services provider decided empowering their agents could no longer be left to chance.

What if disappointing your agents was a thing of the past?

  • How often do you have to cancel training?
  • Does lack of empowerment contribute to your agent attrition?
  • Why are you settling for less when it comes to improving agent engagement?

Intradiem Contact Center RPA guarantees 24/7 real-time availability of training and coaching opportunities

This Includes:

  • Evaluating hundreds of thousands of ACD and WFM data points daily
  • Empowering your agents to be “CX Superheroes”
  • Leveraging every opportunity for a training or coaching session, while improving the employee experience
  • Freeing up your real-time team from time consuming manual scheduling processes
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