Solve Your Call Center Challenges with Automation

Call centers are challenged by conflicting goals from customers, employees, and the business. Discover the contact center automation solution that dramatically increases efficiency while improving both agent engagement and the customer experience.


Increase Agent Engagement with Contact Center Automation

Contact center automation helps improve agent engagement in three key areas: performance, satisfaction and development.


Executive Guide to Contact Center Automation

Executives face tremendous pressure to continually reduce costs without negatively impacting the customer experience or agent engagement. Learn how automation keeps agents on an optimized schedule …


Workforce Management Guide: Call Center Leaders Take a Seat at the Table

WFM professionals must perform at higher levels than ever before in an increasingly complex contact center environment. Discover why leading organizations view contact center automation as a strategic asset.


Contact Center Operations: Leveraging Automation to Improve Agent Engagement

Contact center operations leaders are being asked to reduce cost at unprecedented rates – but without sacrificing the agent or the customer experience. Learn how automation improves efficiency, agent engagement, and CX simultaneously.


Pro-Tips: Expert Advice from WFM Peers

Contact centers continue to become more complex. Goals are at greater risk and the status quo is unable to respond.


What Fuels British Gas’ Call Centre Automation Programme?

According to Deloitte, 74% of companies cited cost reduction as a top priority for 2017. This translates to budget cuts for contact centres.


Increase Agent Engagement via a Modern Mobile Interface

Ready to boost agent engagement? Intradiem Mobile, an integral component of your Contact Center RPA platform, provides opportunities to drive ESAT while reducing costs.


CIO as Strategic Business Partner

Market changes and the impact of transformational technology are forcing critical changes in your role as a strategic partner.


ContactBabel: The Inner Circle Guide to AI, Chatbots & Machine Learning

This ContactBabel report sponsored by Intradiem provides a detailed view of various contact center technologies.

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