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Welcome to the Productivity Plus Blog

What is Productivity Plus?

It’s a type of short-hand that epitomizes the balancing act you have to do on a regular basis. Call center people I talk to spend a lot of time optimizing productivity and efficiency, but it’s the “plus” that gets them excited.

Maybe you’re trying to figure out:

  • What you can do to focus more on the customer experience, including first call resolution and quality monitoring?
  • How you can create a positive work environment that can improve customer retention and increase revenues?
  • How you can better communicate with agents, deliver one-on-one coaching and recognize achievements?
  • What tactics successful companies have implemented to improve customer satisfaction?
  • How your company can better measure return on investments?

I’ve asked industry experts – Jeanne Bliss, David Butler, and Greg Levin – to join me in helping answer these and a host of other questions that will help you create a great customer experience and great agents.

All of us will focus on five topics that matter most to you: corporate culture, customer centricity, technology, agent success factors and best practices. We’ll provide you with case studies and real-world tips from companies that have mastered these areas so you can too.

I hope the information presented in each blog post gets you energized about ways to improve your call center operations. I encourage you to contribute your ideas as well through the “comments” section on each post. We’d love to hear your thoughts, stories and successes. I also encourage you to spread the word and share this information with other executives and managers in your company.

We’ll be posting a few blogs a week on these varying topics, so please check back often! And, enjoy.


About the author

Matt McConnell

Matt is chairman, president and CEO of Intradiem. Matt co-founded Intradiem in 1995 with a vision of helping companies increase the level of customer service they deliver by improving the performance of their agents. Today, Intradiem is a leader in its market with more than 300,000 call center agents around the world using Intradiem every day. Matt is the author of the book Customer Service at a Crossroads and holds 11 software patents. He graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in 1994 with a bachelor's degree in industrial and systems engineering.

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