Large Telecommunications

“Intradiem was a major cause of our dramatic improvements in FCR and customer satisfaction.”
Bob Johnson, President and Chief Service Officer

Large Telecom Balances Cost Reduction and Service Delivery to Stay Competitive


Employee Development & Engagement


The Challenge

Sprint needed a way to quickly deliver and update its frontline contact center and retail associates with time sensitive information like service plan updates and communications.

Additionally, it wanted to deliver employee-specific training based on performance, while reducing costs and maintaining service level.

Manual processes in an increasingly dynamic and complex environment made it impossible to meet these key business objectives.

The Solution

Sprint turned to the capabilities of advanced intraday automation to reduce costs and improve employee performance and the customer experience. The platform's rules engine empowered center leaders to write automation rules that accomplished their objectives and aligned frontline operations with the strategic priorities of the business.

Sample Use Cases

Employee Development & Engagement


Performance-based agent training


Retail store employee communication and development

Value to Date

Reduced Costs


Material gains - improved FCR and decreased shrinkage

Employee Engagement


Increased training velocity by 600% (service plan updates in days, not weeks)

Service Delivery


Improved FCR by 3%


Unified sales & service delivery across centers and retail stores


Implement more automation use cases using the platform to achieve increasing levels of cost reduction, employee performance and customer satisfaction gains.

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