Large Telecommunications

Large Telecom Balances Cost Reduction and Service Delivery to Stay Competitive


Significantly Improving Productivity and Meeting Service Levels


Employee Development & Engagement
WFM Automation


The Challenge

The pressure to keep costs low while maintaining quality customer service is something most companies feel. This retail organization found this challenge unattainable.

They needed an innovative way to overcome the manual processes that would better address the increasingly dynamic and complex environment, while meeting financial, productivity, and service level goals.

The Solution

The company leveraged advanced intraday automation capabilities to meet their business objectives. The real-time automation processes ensured agents received timely development opportunities.

The WFM team reduced costs and created additional efficiencies within the contact center to consistently meet customer demand.

Sample Use Cases

Employee Development & Engagement


Employee Development


1:1 Coaching

Workforce Management Automation


Agent to Channel Association



Value to Date

Reduced Costs


Material gains - increased availability, decreased handle time and shrinkage

Employee Devlopment


Improved ESAT


Employees receive continuous training to further development

Service Delivery


Consistent service level attainment balanced with training, even during the busy holiday season


Implement more automation use cases using the platform to achieve increasing levels of cost reduction, employee performance and customer satisfaction gains.

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