Large Telecommunications

Large Telecom Balances Cost Reduction and Service Delivery to Stay Competitive


Significantly Reducing Costs and Ensuring Compliance


Employee Development & Engagement


The Challenge

In healthcare, keeping up with mandatory compliance training can be a drain on resources.  In fact, during busy open enrollment times, this healthcare insurance provider had to offer overtime to get it done.

Using manual processes within an increasingly dynamic and complex contact center environment made it impossible to meet business objectives without affecting the bottom line.

The Solution

The company adopted advanced intraday automation to stay in compliance, engage agents, and ultimately, improve customer experience.

By leveraging advanced automation and this real-time approach, this healthcare insurance provider significantly improved their efficiencies while reducing costs.

Sample Use Cases

Employee Development & Engagement




1:1 Coaching

Value to Date

Reduced Costs


Material gains - increased availability, decreased handle time and shrinkage 


Eliminated OT to complete compliance training during busy open enrollment periods


Reduced labor costs while maintaining service levels

Employee Engagement


ESAT improvement


Improved ability for agents to access training

Service Delivery


Consistent service level attainment


Implement more automation use cases using the platform to achieve increasing levels of cost reduction, employee performance and customer satisfaction gains.

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