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Large Telecom Balances Cost Reduction and Service Delivery to Stay Competitive


Improving Employee Engagement for a Better Customer Experience


Employee Development & Engagement


The Challenge

This utility organization needed to significantly improve employee engagement and customer experience. They wanted to ensure their agents could receive continuous training and development opportunities.

Unfortunately, manually scheduling training and coaching in their increasingly dynamic and complex environment made it impossible to meet these objectives.

The Solution

This company turned to advanced intraday automation to improve employee engagement and customer experience. They leveraged the platform’s real-time rules engine for agent development, which reduced the costs normally associated with these activities. Advanced automation ensured that service level and customer experience was always protected.

Sample Use Cases

Employee Development & Engagement


Employee Development

Value to Date

Reduced Costs


Material gains - increased availability, decreased handle time and shrinkage


Rapid ROI recognition - 300%

Employee Engagement


Improved ESAT


More effective delivery of training and development opportunities

Service Delivery


Consistent service level attainment


Implement more automation use cases using the platform to achieve increasing levels of cost reduction, employee performance and customer satisfaction gains.

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