Leading Financial Services Company Increases Sales with More Knowledgeable Agents

Every customer interaction is a sale waiting to happen. For this financial services leader, the challenge was shifting the mindset of its customer service representatives to become more sales focused by consistently up-selling and cross-selling across product lines without negatively impacting service levels. The company was able to spend less and get better with Intradiem, optimizing frontline performance faster and more affordably than every before.<br>

Key Initiative 

The company teamed with Intradiem to create a training program that emphasized sales, while maintaining the highest level of customer service performance. The focus was on two specific services: Balance Transfers and Rewards Enrollment. As part of the pilot program, the customer expected a 7% improvement in Balance Transfers and a 5% improvement in Rewards Enrollment. 


The 60-day program measured sales performance of both Balance Transfers and Rewards Enrollment between a Treatment Group and a Control Group. A total of 24 15-minute learning breaks were designed to improve selling skills through the use of a proven call model. The training was delivered to agent desktops three times per week during downtimes in call volume. A daily scorecard was also pushed to both agents and supervisors, highlighting performance against key sales metrics to increase overall accountability. For the first time, agents received individualized content on a regular basis and were able to track their own progress. 


Just six weeks into the pilot, both Treatment Groups had surpassed their initial goals: The Balance Transfers team performed 12% better then the Control Group and the Rewards Enrollment team performed more than 30% better than the Control Group. In addition to increased sales for both products, the company saw widespread user adoption of the Intradiem on-demand tools. Agents using Intradiem were able to complete six additional training hours every month without negatively impacting service levels. The success of the pilot paved the way for a full rollout of Intradiem and double-digit improvements in both agent sales and overall performance.

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