Global Outsourcing Leader Increases Margins, Improves KPIs by Providing More Time for Training

The improved key performance indicators (KPIs) achieved by this outsourcer for its leading software client was accomplished by increasing the time available for training. Learn how this BPO was able to spend less and get better with Intradiem, increasing margins while improving agent performance.

Key Initiative

Taking technical calls lasting more than 50 minutes on average and little opportunity to train, this outsourcer was in search of a unique solution to improve the performance of its agents without impacting service levels. Additionally, the  ability to deliver urgent product updates and internal communications was limited by long turnaround times and no method of verifying comprehension.


The company implemented Intradiem Continuing Training & Communications to push targeted content directly to agent desktops while maintaining service levels. This enabled agents to receive 30-60 minutes of training per week without increasing center capacity. The content included Intradiem courses on productivity as well as communications on areas such as product knowledge, process changes, and bug alerts. Critical communications were created and deployed in less than 24 hours, and center management was able to certify receipt and comprehension with e-learning delivery and knowledge checks. Additionally, with a clear view of key performance indicators linked to training, agents, supervisors and center management were able to see the impact of each learning and communications event.


During the 12-week launch period, across all product/site groups, KPIs improved by an average of 7.6 percent, approximately 4 times the targeted goal. The annualized return on this KPI improvement is $2.4 million.

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