Call Quality Dramatically Improves in Just 30 Days for Leading Credit Card Processor

Intradiem positively impacts customer loyalty by finding the time to train agents to address its two largest factors: Call Quality and First Call Resolution. The company was able to spend less and get better with Intradiem, optimizing frontline performance faster and more affordably than ever before.

Key Initiative

As the second largest credit card processor in the U.S., this customer was rapidly growing when it first engaged with Intradiem, struggling to hire and train agents while continuing to deliver on the company’s commitment to quality service. The company needed a way to efficiently and effectively train agents, providing them with the necessary skills to deliver quality service and maintain customer satisfaction. The primary focus of the Intradiem program centered around improving customer loyalty, primarily through improving overall agent call quality.


The launch specifically focused on five call quality measures that directly impact customer satisfaction such as “summarized customer need” and “used customer’s name appropriately.” A six-month baseline was developed to create performance benchmarks to measure agents against. Approximately 100 agents were delivered two to three 15-20 minute learning breaks each week for 30 days. Training was designed using a proven call model and was delivered to agent desktops during downtimes in call volume. Agents were also provided with a scorecard to help them track their progress in the areas of quality, productivity and average handle time.


After just 30 days of using Intradiem, average improvement in call quality for the five quality areas increased 16%, some 6% higher than the program goal of a 10% improvement. Of the five performance areas measured, three areas showed a course completion rate of 75% or higher. These three areas also saw quality improvements between 19-30%. This performance improvement was achieved through the delivery of just 75 minutes of training per agent during the measurement period.

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