Automated Coaching Leads to Improvements in FCR and AHT for Global Outsourcer

This outsourcer was able to spend less and get better with Intradiem, optimizing frontline performance by delivering targeted coaching to agent desktops during downtimes in call volume.

As an outsourcer, providing best in class call center agents to clients requires ongoing training and coaching. For this global outsourcer, finding a coaching process that enabled supervisors to identify and correct performance issues – without negatively impacting service levels – was an ongoing challenge.

Key Initiative

In order to provide best in class service, agents must have the domain expertise of clients’ products and services, which requires ongoing training and coaching. But with 70,000 employees in 83 customer contact centers worldwide, finding the time to assess and coach agents proved difficult for supervisors to do effectively. They recognized that the ability of supervisors to facilitate performance improvement was critical, but needed a structured coaching process to foster this improvement.


This outsourcer implemented Intradiem to drive improvements in both First Call Resolution (FCR) and Average Handle Time (AHT). Standard coaching processes were automated, providing supervisors with easy-to-use tools to diagnose agent problems and create individualized solutions. With Intradiem’s patented solution, coaching was delivered directly to the agent desktop during downtimes in call volume. As a result, the amount, frequency and effectiveness of coaching dramatically increased – all without negatively affecting service levels or operational metrics.


Intradiem was piloted with 1,000 agents in three North American call centers. The results were measured against a control group that did not implement the solution. For those agents using Intradiem, both FCR and AHT improved. Agents who completed between six and 12 coaching opportunities experienced a 5-6% improvement in FCR.

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