The Key to Revolutionizing Workforce Operations

Learn how leading companies are changing the workforce management game and leveraging Intraday Automation to develop winning strategies that balance employee satisfaction, customer experience and operating costs.

June 24, 2015

Get ready to take the biggest pain points you associate with managing a frontline workforce—unexpected fluctuations in customer demand, balancing agents across channels, making time for agent training—and turn them on their heads. 

New research breaks down the successful practices of leading companies. And, the resulting metrics in customer experience and operational efficiency are game changing!

In this 20-minute Executive Webinar featuring guest Bob Fletcher, former EVP Deutsche Telekom, you’ll discover the strategies that separate the leaders from the rest, AND learn: 

  • What new research reveals about market leaders
  • A winning strategy for balancing employee satisfaction, customer satisfaction and budget
  • Why Intraday Automation is the next “big thing” in workforce management
  • Examples from leading contact centers that think differently and achieve breakthrough results

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