Putting the ‘Real-Time’ in Schedule Adherence to Take Back Lost Time

In this 15-minute executive webinar, learn how to end the manual madness by automating your schedule adherence processes, enabling you to reclaim time and productivity for your team and realize operational cost savings along the way.

August 13, 2015

Manually updating schedule exceptions is a labor-intensive process that puts a big drain on your resources. Your WFM team already has a full plate - not to mention the backlog of admin work that piles up when agents call in sick, log in late, or take their breaks at the wrong time.

Rather than see these daily, unavoidable schedule exceptions as simply a cost of doing business, why not challenge the status quo and reclaim time and productivity for your team?

In this 15-minute executive webinar, you’ll learn how automatically triggering actions with real-time adherence can make a big impact for improved productivity and cost savings. You’ll also learn about:

  • Improving schedule accuracy and maintaining better staffing levels
  • Reducing costs associated with manual exception processing
  • Allowing the WFM team to respond quickly to exceptions
  • Use cases that highlight the benefits for agents, supervisors and customers

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