No More Lip Service: Customer Experience in the Age of the Customer

Kerry Bodine, Vice President and Principal Analyst serving Customer experience professionals at Forrester Research, Inc., discusses the customer journey and ecosystem in relation to the customer experience.

May 15, 2014

Customer experience may seem like an abstract concept, but it’s an important driver for growth in any organization.

Businesses have countless opportunities throughout the day to fail the customer experience. Customer facing employees don’t have the knowledge to answer questions or customers have a long wait before receiving help. The list goes on. 

Companies that can deliver a consistent and positive customer experience, however, have a very real competitive advantage. 

But even companies that make customer experience a strategic priority struggle to implement major long-lasting improvements. That's because they fail to connect behind-the-scenes activities to customer interactions. These firms need a new approach to customer experience management: one that considers the influence of every single employee and external partner on every single customer interaction. 

Watch this webinar archive, featuring guest speaker Kerry Bodine of Forrester Research, Inc. to learn:

  • The real business value of customer experience
  • What a customer experience ecosystem is — and why it’s important
  • What concrete actions can you take to drive customer experience

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