Building a Culture of Service: Lens of Leadership Series (Part II)

March 24, 2016

The process of building a culture of service has to start from within. There's a proven correlation between happy employees and a better customer experience, or put simply, your internal culture reflects externally.  

In the first part of our Lens of Leadership series, we talked about leading the charge for agent engagement, because establishing a solid frontline is foundational for building a culture of service excellence. How do you build on those principles to further enhance the customer experience? How do you build time in your day-to-day to move beyond the tactical, fire-fighting mode to effectively lead change?  

Join us for an open discussion on what it takes to build a culture of service. Led by our internal changemaker, we'll discuss some of his leadership challenges in the context of change management to provide you with a different perspective. You'll also hear about ways to position customer experience initiatives alongside organizational goals, and get ideas on how other contact center professionals demonstrate value from their customer experience initiatives.  

Corey Williams

Regional Vice President


Corey is a dynamic leader with a passion for customer success. His ability to keenly assess customer needs and translate them into actionable solutions that address key business objectives has made him a valuable partner to senior executives around the world throughout the course of his career.

What makes him a changemaker?People who work with him tout his ability to influence and energize his team. And that, paired with his unwavering drive to deliver value to his customers and help them solve real problems, is a powerful combination.

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