Be a Quitter: 7 Steps to Stop the #1 Contact Center Problem

Jim Rembach, Chief Spokesman for Customer Relationship Metrics, discusses the foundational elements that help contact centers build true employee engagement.

September 10, 2013

Almost every industry finds that true employee engagement is a goal that’s difficult to achieve: 75% of their contact center leaders consider it their #1 issue; 24% of contact center leaders have stopped trying and instead just ignore the multitude of problems that arise when employees aren’t engaged.

Jim Rembach, Chief Spokesman for Customer Relationship Metrics, covers the bad habits that undermine the efforts of call center professionals trying to engage employees.

Listen to this webinar to learn about:

  • The impacts of ignoring poor employee engagement
  • Reasons why most are failing to fix it
  • How to identify habits that impede progress
  • A free self-assessment that identifies how you may be sabotaging your efforts
  • Seven elements that will help you to build a foundation for fixing the problem today

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