Alleviating Contact Center Workforce Stress

Workplace stress in the contact center harms efficiency and overall business success, often leading to less-than-stellar customer satisfaction, not to mention agent attrition and poor performance. Join Intradiem for an informative discussion with industry veterans to discuss ways to calm the unpredictable nature of the business that negatively impacts both customers and employees.

January 21, 2016

According to Nielsen, eight out of every ten American workers report being stressed by at least one thing at work. Long commutes, too-heavy workloads, feeling overtaxed coupled with stagnant pay, and poor work-life balance, to name a few. 

Contact centers have unique stress triggers that affect efficiency and overall business success. Conflicting demands between improving operational efficiency and maximizing customer satisfaction, plus working in a fast-paced, unpredictable environment with ambitious performance goals; contribute to the lack of pride contact center employees often associate with their position.

Stress in the workplace is a real concern with substantial downside for the business. Poor employee morale that translates into bad customer experiences and costly attrition…. Health issues that contribute to absenteeism and insurance costs.… Lower productivity and operational efficiency…. It’s real and cannot be overlooked. Is it any wonder that, on average, contact centers in America record an employee attrition rate of 33%? It doesn’t have to be that way. There is a game-changing solution to address performance and stress in the contact center, but it requires rethinking your operations.

Join us for a 20-minute webinar where you will learn how real-time intraday automation is the critical missing link your business needs in order to:

— Calm the unpredictable nature of the business that negatively impacts both customers and employees

— Close the gap between rising customer expectations and the ability of your operations to meet customer demand

— Finally achieve service and performance goals while also increasing employee morale and retention

Jennifer Lee

Director, Customer Success


Jennifer Lee has over 15 years of experience in the contact center industry and more than a decade of experience as a people leader. She began her career in contact center management in the BPO space, serving as a senior client services manager for a Fortune 100 telecommunications client and successfully growing the account to over $100M in annual revenue over a four-year period. Throughout her career, Jennifer has served in a variety of roles in the contact center space, including operations, quality, workforce management, and client services. She also has field experience working with a variety of ACD and WFM platforms and a proven track record of exceeding key performance targets. 

Lori Ethridge

Sr. Marketing Manager


Lori joined Intradiem in August 2015 and brings with her 35 years of experience in customer relationship management. Lori specializes in maximizing customer care investments by transforming customer service into customer experience brands that provide competitive differentiation. Prior to joining Intradiem, Lori was a Sr. Partner with Customer Contact Insights, a marketing consulting firm. Lori's previous experience also includes Convergys Corporation, Naviant and NCR Corporation.

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