Positively Powerful
Our Intraday Automation solutions allow you to easily adjust your frontline staff to meet customer demand. Triggers and actions combine to redirect people in real-time. These triggers and actions are rules that generate immediate response to unpredictable events and rapidly changing conditions. As a result, your employees are always prepared and always productive.
Task Management
Businesses constantly struggle to find time to develop their agents and delight their customers. Meanwhile, agents idly wait for their next customer interaction. Task Management reclaims idle time by prompting agents to work on purposeful tasks when call volume dips.
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Real-Time Adherence
Scheduling disruptions are inevitable, but manual updates don’t have to be. Real-Time Adherence automatically adjusts your employee schedules when interruptions occur or alterations are necessary.
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Intraday Staffing
Instead of managing the never ending adjustment of staffing levels, free up your key personnel to work on areas of business needing higher order attention. Let Intraday Staffing automate the personnel puzzle into quick and consistent decisions.
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Channel Balancing
Disparate technologies make it incredibly difficult to shift employees between customer experience channels, leaving your workforce stuck in inefficient silos. Channel Balancing monitors real-time volume data and seamlessly shifts agents between interaction channels.
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Intraday Coaching
Contact center coaching can have a dramatic impact on customer experience, but the challenge is operationalizing coaching without increasing costs. Intraday Coaching does just that, delivering coaching sessions in real-time based on agent and supervisor availability.
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Agents and customer queues don’t always match as they should. By automating the reskilling process, you know that the right agent will be available to provide great customer service with every interaction.
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Infinite Possibilities
The Intradiem platform allows you to invent new solutions without constraints—and without involving IT. Automate more and more manual workforce management processes to gain productivity, time and customer satisfaction. By writing new rules, which are simply combinations of triggers and actions, you can build tailored Intraday Automation Solutions in minutes. Each rule takes you one step closer to a real-time workforce.
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