Seize the Day with Intradiem Task Management
Every month, the average agent accrues 18 hours of idle time. Task Management helps you turn inactive hours into productive ones by filling idle downtime with meaningful training and assignments.
  • Leverage idle time: Business rules prompt agents to work on off-phone work when call volume dips
  • Prioritize tasks: Creates a personalized and prioritized list of assignments based on agent-level data
  • Automate assignments: Business rules assign tasks based on employee performance or broader business needs
  • Protect service levels: If volume increases, prompts agents to resume handling interactions
  • Update WFM: Writes back any exceptions to WFM software automatically
  • Finds more time for training and back-office tasks without increasing costs or compromising service levels
  • Improves agent performance by delivering more performance-boosting training
  • Increases productivity by reducing idle time
  • Improves customer experience with better trained agents who are always available
  • Decreases manual WFM processes

Task Management automatically finds the best time to push training and other off-phone work based on customer volume.


“Today, the level of information we can deliver to agents is more in line with the complexity of our products, which translates to more efficient and higher-quality customer interactions overall.”


Companies increase staff to create time for training and coaching. Meanwhile, 11% of an agent’s day is idle.


Training and coaching is completed in short sessions during idle time, increasing volume and velocity.

What is Active Wait Time?
Every day, agents spend 11 percent of their time idle, waiting for a call. Intradiem can fill that time with off-phone activities to improve agent performance and productivity. 

Discover what your customer service organization can do with those small pockets of idle time: gain productivity, improve agent performance and increase the bottom line.
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Align Contact Center Goals: Agent Training and Customer Success 
The link between agent development and customer experience is the key to customer success, but getting there can be tough. Learn how to break from traditional coaching norms and to arm your agents to deliver customer success.
Real-time Approach Prepares Agents for Fast-changing Business

A diverse and dynamic services provider struggled to manage how its customer service agents were trained, while keeping occupancy rates at the optimum level. With Task Management, the organization has increased the frequency of training and coaching so that agents have the much-needed knowledge to address a complex product set, and sessions are completed during natural downtimes in call volume. The company is seeing gains in terms of operational spend as well as productivity and more effective customer interactions.

Improving the Health of Call Quality and FCR

Performance gaps in call quality at a healthcare management organization were threatening service levels, and agents and supervisors alike struggled to manage productivity and key call metrics that were reflected in customer loyalty. Task Management allows the company to deliver specific performance-related training during idle time, so that SLAs aren’t affected. The service organization was able to handle a significant increase in membership while actually improving call metrics and accuracy —without the need of additional headcount.


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