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Knowlagent’s RightTime intraday management technology selected by Rogers Communications

Canada’s largest wireless provider to deploy RightTime across all contact center locations to increase agent productivity and improve the customer experience

Atlanta, GA (June 12, 2012) – Knowlagent’s leading intraday management solution for the world’s 10 million call center agents, RightTime, is being rolled out to all of Rogers Communication’s (Rogers) contact centers. Rogers is using RightTime to take advantage of agent downtime — delivering more training, coaching, communications, and other performance improvement activities to agents during idle time.

After a successful deployment in one of its sites in Ottawa, Rogers has moved forward with rolling out the technology across all of its contact centers. In only three weeks, Rogers saw a significant impact on first call resolution (FCR) due to increased speed and efficiency of training delivery. Each agent completed, on average, nearly nine courses in 10 weeks, which significantly reduced costs and minimized the impact to service compared to the alternative of hard-scheduling the sessions to occur in the same time period.

RightTime is helping Rogers’ contact centers:

  • Continue to improve FCR and other customer satisfaction metrics
  • Deliver required training during agent idle time
  • Increase throughput of training delivery by 400 percent, compared to manually scheduled sessions

“Rogers Communications is known for innovating to meet its customers’ needs,” said Matt McConnell, chief executive officer for Knowlagent. “Making use of previously unproductive idle time to focus on improving customer experience gives the company a sustainable engine for maintaining its edge in the quality of care delivered by its call center agents.”

Knowlagent’s RightTime technology allows telecommunications companies to meet the ongoing challenge of communicating time-sensitive and often complex information to their agents effectively in order to provide the highest quality service to their customers. The need to have highly knowledgeable agents is often at odds with call center pressures to maintain service levels. RightTime provides the ability to get essential information to agents without negatively impacting service levels or incurring the additional headcount costs of scheduling these updates to occur in shrinkage.

By integrating with automatic call distributors, RightTime is able to redistribute wait time intervals so agents can complete off-phone work from a prioritized task list during idle time, transforming this time into Active Wait Time. The result is improved agent productivity and performance.

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