Benchmark Reports

Executive Report on Call Center Performance, Operations and Technology

Based on an annual survey of cross-industry call center leaders, Call Center IQ’s annual Executive Report on Call Center Performance, Operations and Technology cites customer satisfaction as the call center’s primary objective in today’s new customer-centric landscape as well as the impact of technology investments aimed at improving call center value. The report includes insights from a diverse panel of thought leaders including Intradiem CEO Matt McConnell.  Download now >

Contact Center Workforce Optimization: Secrets to Unlock Agent Productivity & Performance

Contact center workforce optimization best practices help companies maximize agent productivity and performance, which ultimately determines client satisfaction and retention. According to this Aberdeen report, "Only 68% of agent time is spent serving customers. With the exception of training programs and other value add activities, such as supporting the back-office, the remaining agent time means unnecessary costs for the business." Download now >

"Contact Center Performance" (US Contact Center Decision-Makers’ Guide 2014)

This report discusses the present and future state of customer contact, focusing on performance, technology, HR and strategic direction based on over 200 interviews with US contact centers. The "Contact Center Performance" section, sponsored by Intradiem, looks at how contact centers are evolving to measure the effectiveness of their operation by tracking metrics such as first-time call resolution and customer satisfaction levels. Download now >

Contact Center Workforce Management Market Report

The Contact Center Workforce Management Market Report from DMG Consulting LLC studies current trends and challenges facing the WFM market, as well as best in class practices and new technologies aimed at improving productivity and efficiency. According to the report, “intraday management – the ability to change schedules in real-time throughout the day to respond to dynamic changes in volume, available resources, or service levels – remains a major weakness in most, if not all, WFM solutions today." Download now >

The Strategic Value of Intraday Automation in the Contact Center

Contact centers now play a prominent role within organizations through managing customer service. Research conducted by the Aberdeen Group indicates companies can better adapt to the changing role of the contact center and manage expectations of customers with intraday management programs. Download now >

Automated Intraday Contact Center Workforce Management Research Brief

Agent idle time is a reality faced by many contact centers. Based on findings from a recent Aberdeen Research study, this research brief will demonstrate the business impact of intraday management programs, and provide a roadmap of how to successfully build and nurture these initiatives as part of existing contact center workforce management efforts. Download now >