Benchmark Reports

The Strategic Value of Intraday Management in the Contact Center

Contact centers now play a prominent role within organizations through managing customer service. Research conducted by the Aberdeen Group indicates companies can better adapt to the changing role of the contact center and manage expectations of customers with intraday management programs. Download now >

Automated Intraday Contact Center Workforce Management Research Brief

Agent idle time is a reality faced by many contact centers. Based on findings from a recent Aberdeen Research study, this research brief will demonstrate the business impact of intraday management programs, and provide a roadmap of how to successfully build and nurture these initiatives as part of existing contact center workforce management efforts. Download now >

2011 Knowlagent Contact Center Productivity Survey

Contact centers dealing with heightened business expectations reveal their challenges and techniques for managing productivity and performance in this study from This 39 page report, authored by Unisphere Research and sponsored by Knowlagent, includes an examination of the time when agents are not interacting with customers – what the authors term “dark matter.” Read the report to learn what 312 call centers managers do to identify and leverage this downtime. Download now >

U.S. Contact Center Decision Maker's Guide 2011

Nearly 20 percent of call center shrinkage is attributed to training and coaching, according to Knowlagent’s Shrinkage Survey. Understanding how these activities impact call center operations is important. The U.S. Contact Center Decision-Maker's Guide 2011 provides a detailed look at shrinkage. This report provides access to industry specific information about: the time required for agents to become fully productive, the cost for induction courses, hours dedicated for training sales leaders and more. Knowlagent sponsored this ContactBabel U.S. Contact Center Decision Maker’s Guide. Download now >

2010 Contact Center Shrinkage Survey

Knowlagent conducted a survey of call center professionals to gain a better understanding of how common shrinkage activities impact centers of different industries and size. This first of its kind report shows trends for using new channels and breaks down shrinkage by activity, industry, call center size, contacts handled and channels supported. Download now >