Our Drive

Preparing you for the unpredictable

The people in your frontline workforce play a crucial role in representing your brand. Developing these employees, meeting service levels, keeping customers happy and meeting the demands of the business is like walking a tightrope.

We help enterprises rise up and meet these demands through Intraday Automation. We never settle for the status quo and encourage you to do the same. Be swift and nimble in constantly changing environments to improve your frontline workforce and increase productivity for contact center operations.

Our Core Values

A Servant’s Heart

We’re out to create a better world, and this drives our people to do whatever it takes to help everyone succeed and win together.

A Craftsman’s Attitude

We each take ownership of our results and development, always looking to how we can be better.

A Revolutionary Spirit

We work every day with the urgency, energy, and passion to create something valuable, with greater quality than what we did yesterday.

Our History

Intradiem was founded in 1995 with the belief that the power of technology can create increasingly efficient and elegant ways to solve problems, build smarter companies and find smarter ways of doing business.

What began as an e-learning tool gradually developed into a powerful platform that represents a transformative opportunity for our clients to rapidly respond to intraday events in real-time. This shift in direction prompted a rebrand in early 2013 when we changed the company name from Knowlagent to Intradiem and designed a new identity to effectively communicate our expanded product and thinking.

Today, we help thousands of companies ensure that agents on the floor, in the contact center, behind the counter and out in the field can successfully respond to any customer interaction.

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